April 16, 2019: Check out my recent posting on the Ugandan cookbook Achiro’s Taste on betumiblog. 

A lot of people spend more time on Whats App, Instagram, Facebook or blogs, and I’m guilty of that, too. Today let me update everyone on why I’ve been silent for so long.

1) NOT because I’ve lost interest in Ghanaian  (or African) cuisine and entrepreneurship

2) NOT because I’ve stopped working on the Adinkra shortbread.

I’ve made 2 trips myself to Ghana to do more market research (to Ministry of Agriculture, Flair, Kawa Moka, etc.), sent~60 sample packages to participants at a recent engineering education conference in Ghana, had more design input on the cookie stamps from Germany, and also sent several sample packages to various Ghanaian nationals.

Also, I experimented for several months with making the designs from silicone, but have now pretty much rejected that. I’m trying to locate a design engineer to tweak the stamp designs, and have run into problems trying to find an affordable  manufacturer from outside China. Will return to Ghana in the summer (July-August) to move forward.


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