April 3, 2021

It has now been over a year since announcing I would be setting up Betumi’s Kitchen.

As I posted previously I rushed back from Ghana in March, 2020 when the pandemic hit, and all those plans were put on hold until I was able to be vaccinated. Now that I am, I am making fresh plans to get the site up and running, hopefully by the beginning of May.

So, let’s try again:

Afehyiapa! Welcome to 2021, a new year. One in which we are completing the set-up of an e-commerce site called BETUMI’S KITCHEN, selling Ghanaian custom-made items including the Adinkra Cookie Stamp kits (Gye Nyame and Sankofa), aprons, quilted pot holders, and Bolgatanga serving baskets.

       —  Fran Osseo-Asare

Please browse the Shop section though it  is still under development. Initially, shipments are limited to the U.S. Our inventory is also somewhat limited until travel is back in place. Feedback is welcome, and let us know if we should consider other items, such as asanka grinding bowls, apotoyewa/tapoli wooden mashers, or stirring sticks.

 If you’re new here:  Akwaaba! Welcome to BETUMI: The African Culinary Network.(BEH-two-me is an Akan word meaning “can do.”) Since 1997  (24 years!) this site (formerly Ananse’s Web: The African Culinary Network) has been connecting scholars, professionals, home cooks and others who delight in African cuisine and food history. This is a space to discover, document, and share information on the vast and fascinating culinary heritage of Africa. Feel free to explore the site and join our on-line community.) We’re now setting up an online site, too, to sell Ghana-inspired and made items.

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