February 2022: We will soon be opening a shop, BETUMI’s Kitchen.

It will offer selection of BETUMI’s culinary items, from Adinkra cookie stamps to Bolgatanga baskets to Ghana-sewn aprons and pot holders.

Kind of new at this, but will use WooCommerce to handle transactions securely. Please follow our progress at the Shop.

And please be patient. For now, it will be limited to sales in the U.S. (But Fran will be in Ghana this year, so let me us know if you’d like any of the items advertised).

So why not head over and browse? Expect more items daily.

BOOKS FOR SALE is the most comprehensive source on the internet for recently published African cookbooks, like The Ghana Cookbook and Zoe Adjonyoh’s Zoe’s Ghana Kitchen, or books by Senegalese Pierre Thiam. However, you’re often out of luck when it comes to texts that are a few years older, out-of-print, or published outside the U.S., as is the case with  Tweedie’s (Ghana), or  Shardow (UK) cookbooks below.

Contact me at for more information about these books or to order them.

Asantewaa Tweedie’s self-published all-color 2nd edition (2011) of Melting Pot: Ghanaian Cooking with a Twist, 101 pages. Price: $30.00 plus $4.50 postage and handling.

A Taste of Hospitality

by Marian Shardow

Trafford, 2002. Price: $12.60 each (over 10% off the retail price of $14.25) plus $4.50 postage and handling (PA residents add 6% sales tax). For multiple copies, add $0.75 postage per additional book.
A Good Soup Attracts Chairs  

by Fran Osseo-Asare
Pelican, 2002. Unfortunately, the original full-color hardback 1993 edition of this book is now sold out, though a few copies are still available from on-line book sellers. The paperback version, which came out in 2002, is in black and white, and the quality of the photographs and paper is marginal. However, the content is still excellent. .